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4 x Plastic L Plate Clips Holder Set Car Number License NSW Red Green P Speed Limit



The ideal solution for attaching your Learner (L) plates to your vehicle’s number plate. It easily attaches securely in any position and even works with number plate covers/protectors. Don’t worry about scratching your car’s paint or plates falling off ever again.

Fully compliant with all required government standards, the clips keep your L plates secured and in full view of other drivers. Manufactured using a moulded polypropylene resin, which is flexible, has great tensile strength and is fully recyclable, these clips use an innovative ‘live hinge’ system, meaning that they can be used, removed and reused countless times without breaking.

These clips support the same plate profile as those provided by the NSW Roads & Maritime Services, and will support any L or P Plates supplied by them.



  • Premium quality
  • Easy to install
  • Safe & secure attachment to number plate
  • Fully compliant with government standards
  • Prevent paint damage
  • Prevent plates falling off
  • Works with number plate frames
  • Suitable for car or motorcycles
  • With speed limit – NSW Only



  • 4 x L Plates
  • 4 x White Plate Clips



    Colour: Yellow, Black, White (Refer to Photos)

    Material: Plastic

    Dimensions (L x W): 14cm x 14cm