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208PCS Kids Art Set Box Case Paint Draw Drawing Board Colour Pencils Pastels Artist Kit pop




This complete Art Set of 208 pieces various painting and drawing tools to get your creativity flowing and keeping yours kids entertained with hours of fun. This art set includes colouring pencils, markers, oil pastels, wide assortment of paints, paint brushes and more, all encased in a lovely case with a carry handle so you can take it anywhere.

Everything is packed neatly within the carry box, making it easy to find what you need for that special artwork. The versatile range of tools means you can create works of art right from the case as it includes a small drawing board with paper, fitted within the box. Also, a fantastic gift for any artistic kid.



  • Complete art set consisting of 208 pieces of various painting & drawing tools
  • Consists of assorted oil pastels, colouring pencils, texta markers, paints, crayons & an in-built drawing board with paper
  • Portable design – take anywhere for inspiration
  • Comes in a plastic case with a convenient carry handle
  • All items neatly packed in the case
  • Small drawing board with paper within the case – great for travel or on-the-go
  • All paints, pastels, pencils, crayons are non-toxic & safe to use
  • Great for kids over 3 years of age – keep them entertained with hours of fun
  • Fantastic gift for artistic kids


  • Plastic Case x 1
  • Crayons x 24
  • Oil Pastels x 48
  • Paint Blocks x 18
  • Colour Pencils x 24
  • Paintbrush x 1
  • Pencil x 1
  • Small Glue x 1
  • Sharpener x 1
  • Eraser x 1
  • Mini Markers x 12
  • Watercolour Pens x 24
  • Ruler x 1
  • Plastic Palette x 1
  • Sponge x 1
  • Paper Clips x 30
  • Large Clips x 4
  • Drawing Paper x 15
  • Drawing Board x 1


Case Colours:

  • Blue
  • Pink

Material: Plastic Case


  • Case (L x W) – 32cm x 27cm


Disclaimer: Colours may slightly differ, based on different monitor display settings and manufacturing batches