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2pcs Anti Non Slip Drawer Liner Mat Grip Roll Matting Cabinet Kitchen 200cm x 45cm



Ensure your valuables are stored safely in your drawers or cupboards using these anti-slip mats. Used as shelf and drawer liners, these mats are ideal for use under glasses, computer monitors, telephones, CD and DVD players, televisions, glass top tables and under rugs, to prevent movement and slipping. Never be scared of reaching for a glass jar, sliding around and bumping into things ever again.



  • Prevents your items from slipping around cabinets with smooth surfaces
  • Versatile PVC construction – durable, waterproof, anti-slip & shockproof
  • Easy to cut for resizing whilst being extremely tough and tear resistant
  • Can be used as a shelf or drawer liner
  • Used for tool boxes that protects tools & stops them from moving if being carried in a vehicle
  • Use on a dashboard to stop items sliding about
  • Use on a bar to stop drinks sliding
  • Can be used under rugs & mats to stop them slipping
  • The thick material allows for heat insulation from various sources



  • 2 x Non-Slip Mats




  • Black
  • White
  • Grey

Material: PVC

Dimensions (L x W): 200cm x 45cm