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50pcs Rainbow EVA Foam Craft Sheets Fun Paper Handmade Art Kids Assorted Colours



Kids will love getting crafty with this pack of EVA foam craft sheets. In a massive 50 pack and an assortment of bright vibrant colours, your little ones can get creative in a big way. The possibilities are endless with these fantastic foam sheets, cut out shapes, make marvellous masks, decorate with paint or glitter, use for homemade card-making and so much more.



  • 25 sheets of assorted vibrant colours in one pack
  • High quality EVA foam
  • Soft & firm
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Non-toxic – safe for kids
  • Easy to cut, bend, glue, colour etc
  • Conforms to Australian standards
  • Perfect for art, craft, DIY or school projects



  • 50 Sheets EVA Foam



Colours: 25 Colours in a Pack of 50 Sheets (Assorted Colours)

  1. White
  2. Grey
  3. Black
  4. Dark Brown
  5. Crimson Brown
  6. Light Brown
  7. Sand Brown
  8. Beige
  9. Purple
  10. Maroon
  11. Red
  12. Pink
  13. Lilac
  14. Light Pink
  15. Coral
  16. Orange
  17. Yellow
  18. Fluorescent Yellow
  19. Lime
  20. Emerald Green
  21. Dark Green
  22. Turquoise
  23. Light Blue
  24. Navy Blue
  25. Indigo

Dimensions (L x W): 21.5cm x 14cm

Thickness: 2mm