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5 x 75ml Acrylic Paint Starter Pack Set Painting Tubes Artist Kids Artwork Black White

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The acrylic paint starter pack includes 5 primary vibrant colours perfect for various craft and art applications. The vibrant colours will stand out and enhance the look of your projects.

Acrylic paints are a fast-drying paint made of pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion and are water-soluble but become water-resistant when dry. Great for those just starting out in painting with acrylic paints or painting in general.



  • Set includes 5 Vibrant Primary Colours
  • Good quality
  • Non-toxic for added peace of mind
  • Can be used on canvas, paper, wood, fabric, plaster, foam & glass
  • Dries to a permanent satin finish
  • Can be diluted with water
  • Cleans up easily in cold soapy water
  • Good colour mixing & blending properties
  • Strong vibrant colour from its high pigment content
  • Easy to use – comes in tube bottles
  • Perfect for art, craft or school projects



  • 1 x Titanium White 
  • 1 x Black 
  • 1 x Ultra Blue 
  • 1 x Crimson Red 
  • 1 x Yellow Mid 



    Colour: Primary Colours (Please refer to photos)

    Volume: 5pcs x 75ml = 375ml